"Blue Flag" for the beach in Miedzywodzie

The INCO Holiday Resort Centre is located 400 meters away from
the beach boasting a certificate “Blue Flag”.

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Apart from a very convenient location, cleanliness is an undeniable advantage of Miedzywodzie beach. It has been proved by “Blue Flag” certificate awarded in 2015 (and earlier in 2013) that associates highest standard beaches around the world.

The idea was born in France in 1987 where this certification was awarded for the very first time. So far the program has covered 50 countries – awarding over 4100 bathing beaches and marinas, including Miedzywodzie. “Blue Flag” certificate proves meeting criteria related to:

  • water quality
  • safety and quality of services
  • environmental management

It is worth mentioning that in Poland the certificate is awarded by the jury made up of 10 representatives of institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of the Economy, Ministry of the Environment, the State Sanitary Inspection, the State Inspection of Environmental Protection. You can find more information about the certification on the website www.blueflag.global.

While choosing your summer holiday destination, it is worth paying attention to the “Blue Flag”  certification. Not only does it guarantee clean bathing beach but also safety and comfy stay. This is what Miedzywodzie guarantees !

We are pleased to invite you to our Holiday Resort Centre located just 200 meters away from the beach that has been awarded the “Blue Flag” certificate.

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