Kamienski Laggon

A perfect spot for summer trips. Definitely check out fishing,
go on a ship or yacht cruise on the charming Kamienski Lagoon.

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Thanks to its very convenient location, Miedzywodzie offers both, beautiful Baltic beaches and active leisure by the Kamienski Lagoon. 

The Lagoon is connected with the Szczecin Lagoon and the Baltic Sea by the Dziwna River. It is a very interesting and environmentally valuable water reservoir, being a part of the Natura 2000  - nature protection area. 

At the mouth of the Dziwna River there is a glacial erratic rock called a “royal rock”. It has a circumference of 20 meters and it is 3 meters tall above the water level. It was transported from the Scandinavia about ten thousand years back by the glacier. The name ‘royal’ refers to the legendary event dating back to 1121. It is believed that it was the place where Boleslaw Wrymouth (Polish: Krzywousty) – the Polish ruler did a naval fleet review.

Another attraction are cruises from the passenger marina in the nearby Dziwnow. In the summer time you can go on a cruise to Kamien Pomorski or on the Baltic Sea.

This part of coast is also great for sailing. The pier on the Kamienski Lagoon has been thoroughly renovated. Dziwnow harbor and other nearby marinas are open to bigger vessels as well.

Windsurfing, kayaking and other water sport fans will also find something for themselves. There is a very good windsurfing school and windsurfing gear rental in Dziwnowek.

The Kamienski Lagoon is also a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. There are numerous fish species living there such as : perches, breams, tenches, pikes, salmons and even eels. 

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