Maritime climate boosts your immune system

Holiday by the seaside offers you something really precious
– the climate which has a great influence on your health.

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Climate therapy is proven healing method. What is great about it that you can take advantage of it during your holiday – just choose a place that will have a positive impact on your health!

The trend of spending our holiday abroad has made us forget about the charms of holiday by the Polish seaside. And let’s not forget about all the advantages of the maritime climate.

Seaside air is not only about oxygen. When waves hit the shore, very small salt water particles elevate up in the air creating sea salt aerosol. There is much more of it by the Baltic Sea and other northern seas due to waves and wind.

Seaside breeze has a great effect on respiratory tracts and thyroid gland thanks to iodine that it provides. It is especially beneficial to kids’ health and immune system. Seaside air is also great for city dwellers as, alike industrial areas inhabitants, they usually have thinner bronchial mucosa. This is a result of breathing polluted air. Sea salt aerosol hydrates it and enhances its re construction.

Everything that derives from the sea – the sun, sand, waves, salt water – adds up to one of a kind, healing cocktail. Changing your climate is a sort of a training that boosts our immune system. It is a stimulus for our organism forcing it to adjust to new conditions.

Spend your summer holiday by the seaside and enjoy better health and immunity during autumn and winter when the weather is more unpredictable.

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