Wolin National Park

Wolin National Park is an ideal place for all the hiking and cycling fans.

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Wolin National Park it was set up in 1960. It covers wooded hills – well-kept beech forests, steep seacoasts – the most beautiful part of the Polish cliff coastline, marshes, lake districts, the unique island-like delta of the Swina River and the sea, of course.

In 1996 Wolin National Park became the first sea park in Poland. The park’s flora includes 1300 plant species and 230 bird species. A patient traveler will come across white-tailed eagle, aquatic warblers, corncrakes, bearded tits, northern shoveler or very rare whooper swan and many more interesting specimens.

Most popular places of the Park include: Turquoise Lake with its specific water color, Bisons Display Reserve as well as scenic viewpoints called “Gosan” and “Kawcza Gora”. There is a beautiful view of the delta overflow of the Swina River and the Szczecin Lagoon  from the Zielonka hill near Lubin. The Wolina National Park is a paradise for cyclists, hikers and active leisure lovers.

One could go on about this park on an on. But what’s the reason? It’s enough to catch a train and come here.

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