INCO Miedzywodzie
Holiday Resort Centre

400m meters away from the beach, in the middle of a pine forest

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The INCO Holiday Resort Centre
The INCO Holiday Resort Centre

The INCO Holiday Resort Centre

The INCO Holiday Resort Centre is located in a quiet, picturesque seaside spot called Miedzywodzie. Right in this picturesque area, we are pleased to offer at your disposal a INCO Miedzywodzie Holiday Resort Centre. It is increased standard venue that has just been set up and still smells of fresh wood from the Polish forests. Thanks to a very convenient location of the resort, our guests can easily get to the beach, which is just 400 meters away from our lodges as well as rich catering, recreational and leisure facilities.

The resort premises are fenced and monitored to provide our guests security. There is a free parking area on the premises dedicated to passenger cars. Every lodge has one parking space.

There is a Reception area on the premises in order to ensure highest service standards. Our receptionist will take care of all the formalities so that you do not have to worry about anything and fully enjoy all the attractions.

Lodges by the sea

15 comfy
4 persons lodges


400m away from the beach
one of the widest beaches
by the Baltic See


Free parking space
(1 car per lodge)

We accept
pet animals


Maritime climate
with its great impact on health
and immune system


Kamienski Lagoon (1km)
ideal for water sports


Close proximity
of the Wolinski
National Park


Convenient location
Dziwnow (3.5km)
Miedzyzdroje (20km)

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