A trip to Miedzyzdroje

A summer capital of the Western Pomerania
– Miedzyzdroje is located 21km to the west from Miedzywodzie.

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Miedzyzdroje is a picturesque and very popular Baltic resort with a 150-years-old tradition, located on the Wolin island in the vicinity of the Wolin National Park. Just about right to come here for a day trip from Miedzywodzie.

Every year this resort is visited by a few hundred thousand tourists longing for the sun, maritime climate and the highest standard of tourist services. In the summer, the city is buzzing with life 24/7. You cannot see the end of the beachside promenade full of cafes, pubs and various attractions. Everything surrounded by well-kept greenery and plants. Unforgettable and unique experience guaranteed.


When in Miedzyzdroje, you cannot miss out its pier which is 395 meters long. At the entrance it has two characteristic white towers forming a gate.  While walking along the pier, you can admire beautiful cliffed coast – the highest in Poland. 


A film festival has been held in Miedzyzdroje since 1996. You can meet popular people from the Polish movie industry. During the festival actors and film makers leave their handprints in commemorative tiles along the Promenade. This place is referred  to as the Avenue of Stars. Walking along the Avenue, you can compare your hands with handprints of such stars as Krystyna Janda, Adam Ferency, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Marek Kondrat, Jan Gajos and many more.


In the Centre of Miedzyzdroje there is one of the biggest wax figures museums in Poland. There are almost 100 real size wax figures representing famous people from film, music, sport or even cartoons. It is worth taking a photo with Barack Obama, Charlie Chaplin, Cleopatra, Bruce Willis as well as Shrek.


The Baltic Miniature Park was established in 2015 in Miedzyzdroje. You can admire  historical monuments and buildings of 9 Baltic countries like Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and Germany. Built in scale 1:25, the miniature models of lighthouses, castles and churches are situated by the Baltic Sea based on their actual location. In addition, you can walk on the miniature of the longest bridge joining Denmark and Sweden. 


During your trip to Miedzyzdroje, it is worth visiting the Kawcza Gora Mountain – a picturesque hill which is a romantic walking path where you can also walk down the stairs to the beautiful beach. There are two big rocks on the top of the hill commemorating forester’s conventions. There is a beautiful view on the seaside part of the city as well as the pier. 

Other attractions in the neighborhood of Miedzywodzie

There are many other attractions worth visiting in the vicinity of the INCO Holiday Resort Centre such as:

  • the open air museum of Slavs and Vikings in Wolin, 
  • the Wolin National Park,
  • the lighthouse in Swinoujscie,
  • the Baltic Miniature and Trains Park in Dziwnow,
  • the Seaside Route,
  • ruins of the church in Trzesacz
  • and many more. 

Attractions of Miedzywodzie and the surrounding area